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Danish Farmers Abroad is an association for the following three types of members:


Agricultural companies are the association's core members who set the course for the association's activities.


Companies, the most important suppliers to agriculture, see the association as a valuable network getting them in close contact to Danish agricultural companies having agricultural activities abroad.


Individuals who see an interest in joining the association and following at close the agricultural companies' exciting international development.


Read below about our various types of memberships.


As a member of Danish Farmers Abroad, the management and employees of the agricultural companies have access to an exclusive network of Danish farmers, investors, companies, employees abroad, as well as to suppliers to Danish agricultural companies abroad.

Management and employees have the opportunity to participate in experience exchange groups and in the association's events both in Denmark and in the farming country. In addition, they receive a targeted newsletter that aims to inform about activities etc. issued by Danish Farmers Abroad
DKK 3,500 per year for members with 0-5 employees
DKK 4,000 per year for members with 6-15 employees
DKK 5,000 per years for members with 16-40 employees
DKK 6,000 for members with more than 40 employees


Danish Farmers Abroad is a strong network of investors, companies, farmers and companies having an interest for Danish agriculture abroad.

As a company member and supplier to the industry, you achieve a direct link to an exciting target group having the needed investment desire, willingness and experience - both with the industry and with "cross-border" solutions and opportunities.

The association gives agricultural suppliers, cooperation- and sparring partners access to the association's conferences, network and ERFA meetings, giving the companies an opportunity to present their new products and gain experience, as well as good advices from users, investors and colleagues.

For supplier /
Company members: There are 3 subcategories of memberships, depending on the size of the company:
Company with 1 employee: DKK 3,500 per year
Company with 2-5 employees: DKK 7,000 per year
Company with 5< employees: DKK 11,100 per year
See alle our company members


As a personal member of Danish Farmers Abroad, you get access to an exclusive network of Danish farmers, colleagues, investors, companies and suppliers to Danish agriculture abroad.

But most importantly: You become part of this unique network of farmers at all ages, who in an informal setting exchange experiences - and inspire and challenge each other.

You will thus have the opportunity to participate in both local and regional events, that are relevant to you and your colleagues, just as you will receive the association's newsletter and invitations to the association's conferences, professional meetings and webinars.
Price for membership: DKK 500 per year.


As a member of Danish Farmers Abroad, you get access to an exclusive network of Danish farmers giving you an impression how Danish farmers manage agriculture outside the Danish border. And the opportunity to make contacts with agricultural companies when you apply for an internship abroad.

As a student, you will be invited to participate in the association's conferences, including a separate theme meeting for agricultural students provided very often as part of conferences.

You will also receive the association's newsletters.

The price for membership:
The first 12 months: Free
Subsequent year: DKK 250 per year.

Danish Farmers Abroad

Danish Farmers Abroad is an association for Danish agricultural companies abroad. The association has ongoing membership growth and includes now 58 members having activities in 44 countries.
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