The Board

The board includes 7 members, elected by and among the association's members of agricultural companies.

Tasks of the Board

The board members are elected for two years at the association's annual General Meeting in January. Three members are up for election every two years and four are up for election every other year. The Board is managed by a chairman and a deputy chairman.

The task of the board is to plan activities in accordance with the members' wishes.

The members of the Board

Jesper Brunhøj Jensen

CEO of AG-ADVICE offering agricultural investments primarily in farms having high-value crops in Europe as well as management of the investments.

Kristina Skeldal

Director of Skeldal Farms having milk production in Denmark and crop production in Romania.

Jens Møller Knudsen

Board member
Co-owner and director of Jasna-Pol Spolka z.o.o. having crop production and milk production in Poland.

Søren Villumsen

Board member
CEO, DanHatch Denmark

Hans Damgaard Poulsen

Board member
CEO, Agro Cocora, Romania

Jørgen L Tørnæs

Board member
Krogsdal Hovedgård, Holstebro

Brian Brødsgaard Nielsen

Board member
CEO, Balticfarms, Latvia

Frank Kartz Johansen

Director Civagaard

1. Suppleant

Danish Farmers Abroad

Danish Farmers Abroad is an association for Danish agricultural companies abroad. The association has ongoing membership growth and includes now 58 members having activities in 44 countries.
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