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The board of Danish Farmers Abroad discusses ongoing the need for initiatives that can assist the member companies in creating an overview and insight in a current topic. This can be done by setting up ad hoc groups or by involving external experts making reports.


The following briefly describes the latest efforts

CSR - make social responsibility a good business - 2019

In order to manage a healthy business today, it is both natural and necessary for companies to undertake social responsibility. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is not just about complying with the law. It is also about creating added value benefitting the business, the people and the environment at the same time. For our members, CSR is especially about creating healthy and safety in the jobs, getting more out of resources, transferring knowledge and use cleaner technology, promoting good animal welfare – as well as supporting the social and economic development of local communities in a positive direction.

Attached brochure is the result of a committee work. The purpose was to provide member companies with a number of recommendations on how to design a CSR strategy.
CSR Brochures

ASF Committee - established in 2018

The group was set up to support agricultural companies in optimizing their infection control against ASF. It includes representatives from three farms having large pig production. The first initiative was made in collaboration with Jim Loewe - an American expert in the topic.

The company's climate accounts - launched in 2019

The association has established an initiative on the topic in corporation with Alltech Climate. Two agricultural companies have been selected to test Alltech's tools for calculating the agricultural climate footprint.

Danish Farmers Abroad

Danish Farmers Abroad is an association for Danish agricultural companies abroad. The association has ongoing membership growth and includes now 58 members having activities in 44 countries.
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