General Meeting

Danish Farmers Abroad holds a General Meeting every year

About the General Meeting

The association's General Meeting will be held in January at a central location in Denmark. The agenda is according to the statuts of association.
See articles of association here
The General Meeting is the natural meeting place for the association's members. As the members are located over most of the world on a daily basis, the occasion is taken advantage by the members to meet, exchange experiences and ideas, make important contacts and recharge both professionally and socially.

In connection with the general meeting, a conference will be held having inspiring presentations from the association's members and other speakers.

From 2020, you can participate both physically and virtually at the general meeting. There is simultaneous translation for non-Danish-speaking participants.
See the minute for the recent General Meeting here

Danish Farmers Abroad

Danish Farmers Abroad is an association for Danish agricultural companies abroad. The association has ongoing membership growth and includes now 58 members having activities in 44 countries.
Gyldenrisvej 11
6854 Henne
Tlf. +45 4037 2379
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