ERFA groups

ERFA groups have since the beginning been a core activity among the different activities of the association. The groups are established on different topics and having different aims. The groups are self-governing, but are facilitated by a coordinator from the association. Typically, the groups meet twice a year - typically in shifts at the participants' farms.

ERFA groups for production managers

A natural spin-off of the DFA MSP Training Course for pig production managers or for participants in the DFA CMP Training Course for crop managers.

Crop- Benchmarking Groups

Groups having focus on economics in crop production has so far been established with the participation of companies in Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Ukraine.

Economic Benchmarking Groups

Pig production groups operate with 14 participants from 10 countries.

DFA Development Group

The group focus on strategic planning and includes managers from 5 companies. Their experiences can be passed on to new groups.

ERFA groups for managers of pig productions

Currently 3 groups are organized having a total of 34 participants from 12 countries.

Dairy Network Groups

Groups for owners and CEOs from milk production companies.

Danish Farmers Abroad

Danish Farmers Abroad is an association for Danish agricultural companies abroad. The association has ongoing membership growth and includes now 58 members having activities in 44 countries.
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