Webinar on the impact of sharply rising prices on cropping input and output


As everyone knows, there is currently an explosive rise in the prices of arable crops as well as fertilizers and other auxiliaries.

The consequences in the short and slightly longer term is highlighted at a webinar on March 29 at. 14:00 - ca.15: 30 CET

Everyone is welcome to participate, but registration required. 

This is most easily done by sending an mail to the undersigned as soon as possible and no later than Friday 25 March.

We will then send a link for use in participating in the webinar.


We have invited two crop production experts, Jacob F. Kjærsgaard and Ole Schou - both from VKST – to present their views on the consequences giving contributions on the following main points:

* Current global crop balances and forecasts
* How do we operate the farm optimally with the expanding prices on both input and output.
* Optimization of catch crops under the new price structures.

The presentations will be in English.

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