Danish Farmers Abroads studietur til England

20. – 23 (24.) juni 2022.
Subtitle: Explore Conservation Agriculture in England

There is great interest among members to visiting Clive Baily and Tim Parton as well as the exhibition "Groundswell" on 20-23 (24). June. At 27 April, 24 persons have registered for the trip. The aim of the trip is to study "Conservation Agriculture" and other alternative forms of cultivation within agriculture.
The trip starts on Monday 20 June with an approach to Luton or Stansted and accommodation at a hotel
near Luton Airport. The next day we visit Clive Baily and his neighbor Tim Parton. On June 22, we visit
the combined conference and agricultural exhibition "Groundswell". which will be held on 22 and 23
June. Participants can choose an extra day to attend the entire conference.
You can read the entire program here. 

Read program
Registration to the DFA secretariat via mail or phone no later than Friday 10 June.

Danish Farmers Abroad

Danish Farmers Abroad is an association for Danish agricultural companies abroad. The association has ongoing membership growth and includes now 58 members having activities in 44 countries.
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